Artists playing Progressive Metal

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active [::] Warszawa, Poland Nebula Studio Live Sessions Live 2020
Active A Light Within Kansas City, Missouri, USA Epilogue EP 2018
Active Alkymist Aarhus, Denmark Sanctuary Album 2020
Active Altostratus Various Cities, England (UK) Complete the Connection Album 2020
Active A Mutual Question Pune, India CONNECT Album 2020
Active Arav Krishnan Bengaluru, India Ascent Single 2021
Active Arcem Valparaiso, Indiana, USA AN AMALGAMATION OF LOSS, DEFEAT, AND RENEWAL Album 2022
Active Arch Echo Nashville, Tennessee, USA Story I EP 2020
Active Arya Rimini, Italy Endesires Album 2018
Active Asian Death Crustacean London, England (UK) Baikal Album 2020
Active Astralizard Annecy, France Astralizard Album 2021
Active Atmospheres Various Cities, Belgium MEZAME live studio session Single 2018
Active Aviations Boston, Massachusetts, USA Retrospect EP 2020
Unknown Axial Lead Bucharest, Romania of infamous credentials Album 2014
Active Azure Lake Northampton, England (UK) Azure Lake EP 2020
Active Baroness Savannah, Georgia, USA Yellow & Green Album 2012
Active Basilisk Various Cities, Netherlands The Journey EP 2021
Active Becoming The Lion Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Unearthly Creature (Reissue) Album 2020
Active Bergraven Malmö, Sweden Det framlidna minnet Album 2019
Active Binary Code New York City, New York, USA Memento Mori Album 2020
Active Bipolar Architecture Berlin, Germany Dystopia is the Reality Single 2020
Unknown Bleaklow Sheffield, England (UK) Leave Me Here (Cult of Luna cover) Single 2013
Active Body Hound Sheffield, England (UK) No Moon Album 2019
Active Bossk Ashford, England (UK) Migration Album 2021
Defunct Burst Kristinehamn, Sweden Lazarus Bird Album 2019
Active Carved Into The Sun San Luis Obispo, California, USA Carved Into the Sun EP 2020
Active CAVERN Oakland, Maryland, USA Fade Before the Flood Single 2019
Active Cloudkicker Columbus, Ohio, USA Solitude Album 2020
Defunct Coala Pascal Kiev, Ukraine Tiny drops, handshakes, vibes within and all those small things that make sense Album 2011
Active Contemplator Quebec City, Canada Sonance Album 2016
Active Corrodal Salgótarján, Hungary Liquidators Album 2017
Active Cotillion New York City, New York, USA
Active C R O W N Colmar, France The End of All Things Album 2021
Active Cryptodira Various Cities, New York, USA Better Left Unsaid EP 2020
Active Darkfield Portland, Oregon, USA Reanimated Voices Album 2022
Active David Maxim Micic Belgrade, Serbia Who Bit the Moon Album 2017
Active DECIMALS Barcelona, Spain Symmetry Album 2021
Active Deformed Instincts Deland, Florida, USA The Lines In Our Hands Album 2021
Active Degraey Barcelona, Spain Reveries EP 2019
Active DERIVA Madrid, Spain Lluvia templada Single 2019
Active Diatom Gdańsk, Poland Diatom EP 2019
Defunct Disperse Kraków, Poland Foreword Album 2017
Active Distant Dream Gdańsk, Poland Point Of View Album 2020
Active Dora the Destroyer Portland, Oregon, USA Dependent Secondary Album 2017
Active Dreadnought Denver, Colorado, USA Emergence Album 2019
Active Dustin Matos Fairfield, Iowa, USA Layers Album 2018
Active DVNE Edinbrugh, Scotland (UK) Etemen Ænka Album 2021
Active Earthside New Haven, Connecticut, USA A Dream In Static Album 2015
Active East of The Wall Keyport, New Jersey, USA NP Complete Album 2019
Defunct Echoes of Eon Dobre Miasto, Poland Immensity Album 2013