Artists playing Krautrock

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active ACID ROOSTER Leipzig, Germany Acid Rooster Album 2019
Active Action & Tension & Space Haugesund, Norway Explosive Meditations Album 2019
Active Alber Jupiter Rennes, France We Are Just Floating In Space Album 2019
Active albinobeach Johannesburg, South Africa The Ladder Album 2020
Active All I See is an Empty Circle Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Meridian Album 2019
Active Black Cloud Winnipeg, Canada Void Album 2017
Active Blind Spring Cleveland, Ohio, USA One Album 2020
Active Bowo Christantyo Jakarta, Indonesia A Trip to The Universe Album 2020
Active Breaking Dawn Of The Blue Nebula Gijón, Spain Oblivion I Single 2019
Active Broughton's Rules Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Anechoic Horizon Album 2014
Unknown Caudal Berlin, Germany Fight Cry Fight Album 2018
Active Cola de Zorro Valparaiso, Chile Soma Album 2018
Active COLLARS Bologna, Italy TRACOMA Album 2020
Active Colorblind Pune, India Wormtamer Single 2020
Active Dallas Acid Austin, Texas, USA The Spiral Arm Album 2019
Active Dandaure Marseille, France L'AN 1312 Album 2020
Active Dead Sea Apes Manchester, England (UK) Night Lands Album 2020
Active Den Der Hale Malmö, Sweden Harsyra Album 2021
Active Dire Wolves San Francisco, California, USA Earthquake Country Album 2017
Active Dolorio & Los Tunantes Santiago, Chile Muerte es Mentira Album 2017
Active Eat lights Become lights London, England (UK) Nature Reserve Album 2017
Active ensamble peripecia La Rioja, Argentina CATACLISMO Album 2019
Unknown Equus Geneva, Switzerland Wie er in die Welt kam Album 2011
Active Fading Tapes Various Cities, Poland Bitsu EP 2020
Active Fanatism Stockholm, Sweden The Future Past Album 2018
Active GLEN Berlin, Germany PULL! Album 2021
Active Go March Ghent, Belgium III Album 2021
Active Go-Neko! Buenos Aires, Argentina Muerte a La Máquina Fantasma! EP 2013
Active HOLM Zurich, Switzerland Through Windows Album 2019
Active Kanoi Vienna, Austria There's No Meaning To Any Of This (Until We Find Out What It Is) Album 2019
Active King Buffalo Rochester, New York, USA Longing To Be The Mountain Album 2018
Active K-X-P Various Cities, Finland IV Album 2019
Active Laedj. Melbourne, Australia MONITOR Album 2019
Defunct Los Codos Rosario, Argentina Secuencias Discontinuas Album 2010
Active Magnetic ghost Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA thrall Single 2018
Active Manescape Głogów, Poland antibodies Album 2017
Active Marla Project Various Cities, Mexico EXTENSION II Album 2019
Active Megaton Leviathan Portland, Oregon, USA Repeating Patterns Of Love Album 2011
Active Minami Deutsch Tokyo, Japan With Dim Light Album 2018
Active Monomyth The Hague, Netherlands Orbis Quadrantis Album 2019
Active Mother Engine Plauen, Germany Hangar Album 2019
Active Mugstar Liverpool, England (UK) Magnetic Seasons Album 2016
Active Neon Heart Stockholm, Sweden Neon Heart Album 2020
Active Other Earth Various Cities, Japan Soyuz Single 2018
Active Oui Mais Non Lille, France HALMA / OUI MAIS NON - Split Album 2018
Active Papir Copenhagen, Denmark Jams Live 2021
Active Please The Trees České Budějovice, Czech Republic Infinite Dance Album 2018
Active Pyramidal Alicante, Spain Pyramidal Album 2019
Active Rain of Claims Bydgoszcz, Poland Surprising Benefits of Talking to Yourself EP 2018
Active RIEN Grenoble, France 1 EP 2014