Artists playing Psychedelic

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 10 000 Russos Porto, Portugal Kompromat Album 2019
Active 1000mods Chiliomodi, Greece Repeated exposure to​.​.​. Album 2016
Active Abisales Córdoba, Argentina ABSLS EP 2017
Active ACID ROOSTER Leipzig, Germany Acid Rooster Album 2019
Active Action & Tension & Space Haugesund, Norway Explosive Meditations Album 2019
Active Adrift For Days Sydney, Australia A Sleepless Grey Album 2017
Defunct A Five And Dime Austin, Texas, USA Sketchbook Vol. 1 Album 2005
Unknown A Forest of Stars Various Cities, England (UK) Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes Album 2018
Active Ahkmed Melbourne, Australia The Inland Sea Album 2016
Active Ahleuchatistas Asheville, North Carolina, USA Arrebato Album 2015
Active Alber Jupiter Rennes, France We Are Just Floating In Space Album 2019
Active albinobeach Johannesburg, South Africa The Ladder Album 2020
Active Alex's Hand Berlin, Germany Hungarian Spa Album 2019
Active Alithia Melbourne, Australia Astromental Album 2020
Active All I See is an Empty Circle Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Meridian Album 2019
Active Allochiria Athens, Greece Throes Album 2017
Active Amplifier Manchester, England (UK) Live At Luxor Album 2018
Active Astrodome Porto, Portugal II Album 2018
Active Atom Made Earth Ancona, Italy Severance Album 2019
Active Avec Le Soleil Sortant de sa Bouche Montréal, Canada Pas pire pop, I Love You So Much Album 2017
Active Balina Izmir, Turkey Balina EP 2013
Active Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree Stuttgart, Germany Harvestmen (live) Live 2022
Active Ben Haskins Cambridge, Canada Chimera Wakes Album 2023
Active Black Cloud Winnipeg, Canada Void Album 2017
Active Black Moon Circle Trondheim, Norway ØSC meets BMC - Freak out in the fjord Album 2019
Active BLACK TO COMM Hamburg, Germany Before After Album 2019
Active Blind Spring Cleveland, Ohio, USA One Album 2020
Active Bloomcore Melbourne, Australia Conduit Album 2021
Active Blues Funeral Houston, Texas, USA Awakening Album 2017
Active BOAT BURNING Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA boat burning EP 2018
Active Bowo Christantyo Jakarta, Indonesia A Trip to The Universe Album 2020
Active Breaking Dawn Of The Blue Nebula Gijón, Spain Oblivion I Single 2019
Active Brujas del Sol Columbus, Ohio, USA II Album 2018
Active Camel Driver Kiel, Germany \ / Album 2020
Active Captives of the Void Bradford, England (UK) Hypnos Album 2017
Unknown Caudal Berlin, Germany Fight Cry Fight Album 2018
Active Celestial Bums Barcelona, Spain The Sky Upon Us Single 2020
Active Chalk San Marcos, Texas, USA Collapse EP 2021
Active clayhands Sydney, Australia Is This Yes? Album 2021
Active Cola de Zorro Valparaiso, Chile Soma Album 2018
Unknown Colour Various Cities, Various States, USA Sunday Morning (2014 v​.​) EP 2014
Active Coma Rossi Bengaluru, India Coma Rossi Album 2018
Active Concrete Ships Lincoln, England (UK) In Observance Album 2021
Active CONSECRATION Belgrade, Serbia Grob Album 2015
Active Cornea Padua, Italy Apart Album 2020
Active Cortége Austin, Texas, USA Chasing Daylight EP 2021
Active Coyote Man Chicago, Illinois, USA Precognition Album 2020
Active Dalia Gardenia Santiago, Chile Paisaje Single 2019
Active Dallas Acid Austin, Texas, USA The Spiral Arm Album 2019
Active Damirah Patras, Greece Lights and Guns and Fire Album 2017