Artists playing Shoegaze

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 1000 Sleepless Dreams Various Cities, Poland Dreamscape Single 2018
Active +1476+ Salem, Massachusetts, USA Our Season Draws Near Album 2017
Active 18 seconds Montréal, Canada À l'ombre des cyprès Album 2022
Unknown 21 GRAMS Shanghai, China Multiple Traces in the Sensory World Album 2013
Active 30 Fathom Grave Phoenix, Arizona, USA Aurora Album 2017
Active 417.3 Rostov-on-Don, Russia 40 Album 2022
Active 52 Commercial Road London, England (UK) Remote Connection Album 2016
Active 93millionmilesfromthesun Doncaster, England (UK) Why Do We Fall Apart (Demos) Album 2022
Active Abandon Oxford, England (UK) Vigilance Album 2019
Active a broken sail Sydney, Australia +2 EP 2020
Active Acetate Zero Paris, France Le Réglage Précis du Zéro Album 2011
Active Adolf Plays The Jazz Athens, Greece Low Life | We Can't Lose. We Have Already Lost. Album 2022
Active After Daylight Nottingham, England (UK) Requiem For The Dying World Album 2020
Active A Headless Horse Leeds, England (UK) Belong / The Moon Into Blood EP 2019
Active Airiel Chicago, Illinois, USA Bloom Album 2020
Active A Lake of Ayes Manchester, England (UK) Ouro Sobre Azul Album 2021
Active Alcest Paris, France Spiritual Instinct Album 2019
Active A Light In The Dark Podolsk, Russia Insomnia Album 2020
Active Alles Club Juiz De Fora, Brazil Décollage Album 2018
Active all under heaven Freehold, New Jersey, USA Collider EP 2021
Active All whispers my name Saint Petersburg, Russia Album 2021
Active alphabet holds hostage Great Yarmouth, England (UK) truth in habitual Album 2021
Active Amatorski Ghent, Belgium Welcome Single 2017
Active Ami Dang Baltimore, Maryland, USA Kurr (10th Anniversary) Album 2020
Active A Mote of Dust Sheffield, England (UK) A Mote Of Dust - Live at Mono Album 2020
Active ANFIORESTER Madrid, Spain All The Past Lights Album 2021
Active Anilore New York City, New York, USA Lull Album 2017
Active An Ocean Of Embers Nantes, France Reflections Of The Hologram EP 2019
Active An Ocean of Light Hunucma, Mexico Triste Noche De Otoño​(​EP) EP 2019
Active Antler Shell Nashville, Tennessee, USA Antler Shell EP 2021
Active A.P.E. Monterrey, Mexico Happy Birthday Curiosity Single 2018
Active Arbeitsgruppe Warschau Hamm, Germany Reflected EP 2014
Unknown Arctic Plateau Various Cities, Italy Les Discrets/ Arctic Plateau - Split EP EP 2016
Active Arctic Sleep Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Kindred Spirits Album 2019
Active A River Crossing Lucerne, Switzerland Forsaken Album 2021
Active Arroway Paris, France Hover Over EP 2014
Active Arrowounds Columbus, Ohio, USA The Loneliness of the Deep Sea Diver Album 2020
Active A Shoreline Dream Denver, Colorado, USA waitout EP 2018
Active Ask For Joy Austin, Texas, USA A Blow and a Kiss EP 2017
Active Asleep Within Waves Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA Fragments Album 2020
Active Astreal Singapore, Singapore LIGHT Album 2017
Active Astronoid Groveland, Massachusetts, USA Radiant Bloom Album 2022
Active Asunojokei Taito, Japan Island Album 2022
Active aswekeepsearching Pune, India I I I I EP 2020
Unknown Au4 Vancouver, Canada .​.​.​And Down Goes The Sky Album 2013
Active Auburn Lull East Lansing, Michigan, USA Hypha Album 2017
Active Autumn's Grey Solace St Augustine, Florida, USA Eocene Album 2018
Active Autumn's Journey West New York, New Jersey, USA Yesteryear Album 2022
Active Babel Fish Modena, Italy Follow Me When I Leave EP 2018
Active Backwards Charm Salzburg, Austria Nevergreen Album 2020