Artists playing Indie Pop

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active Another Michael Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA New Music and Big Pop Album 2021
Active Cfit Dublin, Ireland Vs. Gravity Album 2020
Active Choir Various Cities, France Hyatus Album 2021
Defunct Cotton Ponies Erfurt, Germany Zwist EP 2013
Active Dark Dark Horse Leicestershire, England (UK) Seventeen Single 2021
Active Erki Pärnoja Tallinn, Estonia EFTERGLOW Album 2017
Active Family Video St. John'S, Canada
Active FERS Various Cities, Singapore SHALLOW EP 2021
Unknown Fireflies Chicago, Illinois, USA In Dreams Album 2014
Active Ganglions Sheffield, England (UK) Salty EP 2019
Active Hit Like A Girl Montclair, New Jersey, USA Heart Racer Album 2021
Active Ira Wolf Nashville, Tennessee, USA The Closest Thing To Home Album 2017
Active Lisette Lowe Various Cities, The Netherlands Summer's End Single 2020
Defunct mountaintops. Various Cities, Mexico From Freezeland to Misty Trees, We Wanted to See the Clouds Beyond Toy Town EP 2016
Unknown Psithurism Zaporizhia, Ukraine Sparkles EP 2015
Active Standards & Practices Denver, Colorado, USA It Just So Happened​.​.​. EP 2020
Active Teen Daze Abbotsford, Canada Breathing Tides EP 2021
Active The August Aschaffenburg, Germany Lizard King Album 2014
Active Tiny Fireflies Portland, Oregon, USA Farewell Single 2020