Artists playing Indie Rock

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Unknown 100 baltas dvēseles Various Cities, Latvia Vienaldzība / Indifference EP 2016
Active +1476+ Salem, Massachusetts, USA Our Season Draws Near Album 2017
Active 5oclockinthemorning Paris, France Relief Album 2018
Active 93millionmilesfromthesun Doncaster, England (UK) Why Do We Fall Apart (Demos) Album 2022
Active Abandon Oxford, England (UK) Vigilance Album 2019
Active Aberdeen New York City, New York, USA Downpour Album 2019
Active Action Wire Rome, Italy Action Wire Album 2018
Active Adelaida Valparaiso, Chile Animita Album 2020
Unknown A Dog Called Ego Hamburg, Germany NULL AND VOID Album 2022
Active adolina Mouscron, Belgium Dreikanter Album 2017
Unknown Adorn Kidderminster, England (UK) Twisted Truth Single 2012
Active A Dot In The Sky Kolkata, India Breath Single 2020
Active Aerials Brisbane, Australia Drawing Blood Single 2018
Active After Daylight Nottingham, England (UK) Requiem For The Dying World Album 2020
Active A Great Big Pile of Leaves New York City, New York, USA You're Always On My Mind Album 2013
Active a hidden trace Wuhan, China kamogawa EP 2018
Active Airiel Chicago, Illinois, USA Bloom Album 2020
Active Aliens Overhead Fort Worth, Texas, USA Between the Ghosts & Me Album 2020
Active Align in Time Providence, Rhode Island, USA Men Without Chests & I Go Too (Acoustic) EP 2021
Active Alles Club Juiz De Fora, Brazil Décollage Album 2018
Active Alleys Boise, Idaho, USA Future Self Album 2017
Active all under heaven Freehold, New Jersey, USA Collider EP 2021
Active Altona Vancouver, Canada I Hope I Got All The Good Stories Out Of Them Album 2019
Active Amateur Takes Control Singapore, Singapore ATC EP2 EP 2017
Active Ami Dang Baltimore, Maryland, USA Kurr (10th Anniversary) Album 2020
Active Amiina Reykjavík, Iceland Pharology Album 2021
Active AMnesiac安尼西亞 Chengdu, China AM Album 2019
Active A Mote of Dust Sheffield, England (UK) A Mote Of Dust - Live at Mono Album 2020
Active Amour Vache Düsseldorf, Germany AMOUR VACHE Album 2021
Active Amp Rive Reggio Emilia, Italy Irma Vep Album 2012
Active A Mutual Question Pune, India CONNECT Album 2020
Active Ana Never Various Cities, Serbia Long Turning Album 2016
Active and Alice Bath, England (UK) Stay For The View Single 2019
Active Andrew Judah Kelowna, Canada Impossible Staircase Album 2019
Active Anilore New York City, New York, USA Lull Album 2017
Active Anna von Hausswolff Gothenburg, Sweden Dead Magic Album 2018
Active An Ocean Of Embers Nantes, France Reflections Of The Hologram EP 2019
Active Ansatz der Machine Kortrijk, Belgium Burial Songs Album 2020
Active Any Given Room Little Rock, Arkansas, USA Failed Transmissions Single 2020
Active A Poor Man's Memory Dresden, Germany Stücke zu Politik und Gesellschaft Album 2015
Active A Quiet End Toronto, Canada Fragments II: Demos, Sketches, & Rejects Album 2017
Active Arbeitsgruppe Warschau Hamm, Germany Reflected EP 2014
Active Archipiélagos Buenos Aires, Argentina archipiélagos Album 2019
Unknown Arctic Plateau Various Cities, Italy Les Discrets/ Arctic Plateau - Split EP EP 2016
Active A Reminder Los Angeles, California, USA A Reminder EP 2016
Active A River Crossing Lucerne, Switzerland Forsaken Album 2021
Active Arroway Paris, France Hover Over EP 2014
Active A Shoreline Dream Denver, Colorado, USA waitout EP 2018
Active Ask For Joy Austin, Texas, USA A Blow and a Kiss EP 2017
Active aswekeepsearching Pune, India I I I I EP 2020