Artists playing Ambient

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 10 000 Russos Porto, Portugal Kompromat Album 2019
Active 10 Billion Lights Imphal, India Under The Ocean Single 2020
Unknown 10th Fiord Saint Petersburg, Russia 10th Fiord EP EP 2015
Active 10 Waves of You Vigevano, Italy Sail EP 2016
Active 11xxx27 Orta Di Atella, Italy The reality is inexorably destined to decline Album 2017
Active 124C41+ Terni, Italy Colpisci più forte piccolobosco! / Giac, quant'è lontana l'altra via? EP 2019
Active 18 seconds Montréal, Canada À l'ombre des cyprès Album 2022
Active 1 Mile North New York City, New York, USA Tombs & Cocoons Album 2020
Active 36 Various Cities, England (UK) Music For Isolation (Suite) Album 2021
Active 4 Airports Beacon, New York, USA DriP mechanic Single 2019
Active 51 Peg Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA Cut The Wire EP 2020
Active 6LA8 Karachi, Pakistan Journey Of The Nightvessel Album 2019
Active 7thSun Newcastle Upon Tyne, England (UK) The Winding Stair Album 2020
Active A2 Copenhagen, Denmark 2019​.​01​.​08 Album 2019
Active A.A. Williams London, England (UK) arco Album 2021
Active Abby Gundersen Seattle, Washington, USA Light in Between EP 2017
Defunct abesse 2/084 Rostock, Germany Synopsis Album 2014
Active A Blur Within Quebec City, Canada A Brighter Light Single 2020
Active Absent Hearts Perth, Australia The Peak & The Valley Album 2020
Active Acer Campestre Klenak, Serbia Lethargy Album 2021
Active Acid Aura Wilmington, North Carolina, USA Lavandula Album 2017
Active Across The Snow Provo, Utah, USA Atmospherers EP 2018
Active Across Waters Denton, Texas, USA A House Not Built with Hands Album 2016
Active Adam Dodson Austin, Texas, USA The Risk Of Dreaming Album 2021
Active Adam O'Connor Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA Wildblood EP 2021
Active Adam Weikert Various Cities, England (UK) Lantern EP 2019
Active adarkah ianqu Thessaloníki, Greece vague memory Album 2019
Active ADAS Morelia, Mexico HYDROGEN EP 2015
Active A Death Cinematic Various Cities, Various States, USA CAGLIOSTRO Album 2019
Unknown Adormort Providence, Rhode Island, USA To Live and to Die Album 2019
Active Adrian Lane Various Cities, England (UK) Lekko Sketches Album 2020
Active Afformance Athens, Greece Music For Imaginary Film #1 Album 2017
Active A Film in Color Various Cities, New Jersey, USA They March in Endless Circles Album 2018
Unknown A Forest of Stars Various Cities, England (UK) Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes Album 2018
Active Afterglow San Juan, Puerto Rico Demo 2021 EP 2021
Unknown After Osmosis Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA What Do You See When You Dream? Album 2016
Active AGENT(S) Greensboro, North Carolina, USA Slate Tapes EP 2020
Active A Good Man Goes To War Turin, Italy The sounds of a large crowd Album 2020
Active agrammeofsoma Brisbane, Australia diaspora Album 2017
Active Airbag Oslo, Norway A Day at the Beach Album 2020
Active A Journey of Giraffes Baltimore, Maryland, USA Armenia Album 2020
Active Akira Kosemura Tokyo, Japan Romance EP 2019
Active Akira Rabelais Chicago, Illinois, USA cxvi Album 2019
Active Alaic Vitória Da Conquista, Brazil The Harvest Album 2018
Active Alaskan Tapes Toronto, Canada For Us Alone Album 2021
Active A LAST PICTURE FROM VOYAGER Avignon, France 40​.​5AU Album 2022
Active ALCATUNE Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK) Vislumbres Single 2020
Active Alce Various Cities, Spain Onís Single 2017
Active ALCÔVE Paris, France Alcôve 03 Album 2020
Active ALEA(s) Brussels, Belgium oI EP 2020