Artists playing Post-Progressive Rock

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active Aesthesys Moscow, Russia Alignments Album 2020
Active A Mutual Question Pune, India CONNECT Album 2020
Active Arctic Rise Saint Gallen, Switzerland A Species With Amnesia Album 2023
Active Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Ad Meliora Album 2021
Active Carved Into The Sun San Luis Obispo, California, USA The Earth Fell Away Album 2022
Active Celestial Teapot Pune, India Perception EP 2020
Active Cultifact Gdańsk, Poland Worshipers Album 2021
Active DECIMALS Barcelona, Spain Symmetry Album 2021
Active DeWaiters Kraków, Poland The Trip EP 2021
Active Drawn to Lines Leipzig, Germany Monuments In Moments Single 2021
Active Firelights Various Cities, Norway Quiet Above, Roaring Below EP 2021
Active Frakhtal Novi Sad, Serbia Plima Album 2022
Active Ghosts Of The Sun Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA Naraya Single 2021
Active Gilmore Trail Sheffield, England (UK) Impermanence Album 2022
Active IKITAN Genoa, Italy "Twenty​-​Twenty" EP 2020
Active In Dimensions Tunis, Tunisia As I Corrode Album 2020
Active Karmanjakah Stockholm, Sweden A Book About Itself Album 2021
Active Kerwa San Jose, Costa Rica Niña Tierra EP 2021
Active Made of Water Various Cities, New Jersey, USA Hydrosphere EP 2020
Active Medddler Mumbai, India It's to Pierce the Sky EP 2023
Active My Burden To Bury Various Cities, Indiana, USA Paradigm City EP 2021
Active ProXima Various Cities, Various States, USA Parting the Horizon Album 2021
Active Scaphoid Austin, Texas, USA Absent Passages Album 2020
Active Soundscapism Inc. Berlin , Germany Afterglow of Ashes Album 2021
Active The Mantra Discord Riverside, California, USA Relapse into Silence Album 2022
Active the silhouette of nude Tokyo, Japan Jinnen ni Yuragu EP 2019
Active Thomas Jamet Paris, France Moment of Inertia Album 2021