Artists playing Doomgaze

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 124C41+ Terni, Italy Colpisci più forte piccolobosco! / Giac, quant'è lontana l'altra via? EP 2019
Active A Film in Color Various Cities, New Jersey, USA They March in Endless Circles Album 2018
Active Bolt Gun Fremantle, Australia Begotten Album 2020
Active brine x New York City, New York, USA i hear your name in my head at least 10 times a day Single 2019
Unknown Cloaca Ipswich, England (UK) Lassitude Album 2018
Defunct Collisions Austin, Texas, USA Drought Album 2014
Active Darkher Various Cities, England (UK) The Buried Storm Album 2022
Active Dawn Fades Los Angeles, California, USA Dawn Fades Album 2019
Active Dopedrone Oslo, Norway Things have gone strange Album 2018
Active Dormansland Brighton, England (UK) Dormansland Album 2017
Active Ealdor Bealu Boise, Idaho, USA Spirit of the Lonely Places Album 2019
Active Elizabeth Colour Wheel Boston, Massachusetts, USA Nocebo Album 2019
Active E-L-R Bern, Switzerland Vexier Album 2022
Active Elvaan Ibanfure Mexico City, Mexico Látom EP 2020
Active Ingrina Paris, France Siste Lys Album 2020
Active Iress Los Angeles, California, USA Flaw Album 2020
Active Irritum Lahore, Pakistan Treading the Lands Unknown EP 2014
Active IXION Various Cities, France L'Adieu aux Etoiles Album 2020
Active KODIAC St. Louis, Missouri, USA Formless and Void EP 2018
Active Lethian Dreams Various Cities, France A Shadow Of Memories Album 2020
Active lostlemming Oak Park, Illinois, USA 61 Cygni Album 2022
Unknown Lowering New York City, New York, USA Struggling With The Dark Album 2020
Active Miira Nuremberg, Germany Wellness Album 2022
Active Mountaineer Oakland, California, USA Giving Up The Ghost Album 2022
Active Nietzu Various Cities, England (UK) The Distant Engines of Our Demise Album 2020
Active Nightcrush Brindisi, Italy Black Wings Hunt Single 2020
Active Oceanwake Luvia, Finland Lights Flashing In Mute Scenery Album 2019
Active Ordeal & Plight Kamen, Germany Ordeal & Plight Album 2017
Active Outlander Birmingham, England (UK) Sundowning / Unconditional EP 2021
Active Palehorse/Palerider Denver, Colorado, USA Legends of the Desert: Volume 1 - Palehorse​/​Palerider & Lord Buffalo EP 2020
Active Pallow Atlanta, Georgia, USA Blueprints for an Empty Vessel Album 2017
Active Pencey Sloe Paris, France Don’t Believe Watch Out Album 2019
Active Presence of soul Tokyo, Japan All Creation Mourns Album 2015
Active Ramper Granada, Spain Nuestros mejores deseos Album 2020
Active Red Sea Scrolls Vancouver, Canada RESIN Single 2017
Active Return to Zion Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA If This Is The End, It's Beautiful EP 2022
Active Reveries Walla Walla, Washington, USA To Find Me Again EP 2021
Active RIPIS Austin, Texas, USA Shadow Dies in Morning Light Album 2018
Active Skullcave Perth, Australia Against All Odds Single 2019
Active Slowly Building Weapons Sydney, Australia ECHOS Album 2020
Active Solip Oakland, California, USA Without EP 2017
Active Spaceships South Bend, Indiana, USA Pillars Album 2020
Active Spotlights New York City, New York, USA We Are All Atomic Album 2019
Active STAHV Seattle, Washington, USA אֵשׂ EP 2020
Active Starless Chicago, Illinois, USA Hope Is Leaving You Album 2021
Active Sugar Horse Bristol, England (UK) The Live Long After Album 2021
Active Sugar Horse Bristol, England (UK) DRUGS EP 2020
Active The Drowned God Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Pale Home Album 2021
Defunct Through a Glass, Darkly Austin, Texas, USA Through a Glass, Darkly Album 2017
Active True Widow Dallas, Texas, USA AVVOLGERE Album 2016