Artists playing Sludge Metal

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 1782 Ossi, Italy 1782 Album 2018
Active 1914 Lviv, Ukraine The Blind Leading The Blind Album 2019
Defunct 6 degrees Tomsk, Russia I EP 2012
Active AATHMA Madrid, Spain AVESTA Album 2017
Active Abraham Lausanne, Switzerland Débris de mondes perdus Album 2022
Active Abysslooker Samara, Russia Burden Album 2020
Active abyssmoth Buenos Aires, Argentina Self​-​Perpetuation Cycle Album 2019
Active Adrift For Days Sydney, Australia A Sleepless Grey Album 2017
Active AEIR London, England (UK) Vol. I: A FRITH BEFOULED Album 2022
Active Aerosol Jesus Brighton, England (UK) SURVIVE EP 2021
Active Aisumasen Gothenburg, Sweden The Greater Good EP 2017
Active Akusma Ulyanovsk, Russia Land of the red suns EP 2017
Active A Lake of Ayes Manchester, England (UK) Ouro Sobre Azul Album 2021
Active Alaskan Ottawa, Canada E N D EP 2016
Active Alkymist Aarhus, Denmark Sanctuary Album 2020
Active Allochiria Athens, Greece Throes Album 2017
Active Ambersmoke Hemet, California, USA Etheric Fauna and Pristine Antiquity Album 2019
Active Amniac Piraeus, Greece Matriarch Album 2017
Active AMOUTH Arezzo, Italy AWAKEN Album 2014
Active Ancient Altar Los Angeles, California, USA Cosmic Purge​/​Foie Gras EP 2019
Active An Evening With Knives Eindhoven, Netherlands Sense of Gravity Album 2020
Active Antar Santiago, Chile DRONITA EP 2019
Unknown .aorta. Novosibirsk, Russia monasterium Single 2015
Active A P N E A Bari, Italy Under Oath Single 2020
Active Arcade Messiah Sligo, Ireland The Host Album 2020
Unknown Arktika Cologne, Germany at zero Album 2020
Active Aroma de Saturno Blumenau, Brazil Aroma de Saturno Single 2018
Active A Sad Bada Santiago, Chile You must know Single 2017
Active Asheeraah Rijeka, Croatia Everything Will Fade EP 2018
Active A//tar Portland, Oregon, USA Hallowed Album 2019
Active Atomic Trip Lyon, France Strike #2 Album 2019
Active Backbone Warszawa, Poland Embracing Dissolution Album 2022
Active Bantha Rider Warszawa, Poland Binary Sunset Massacre Album 2020
Active Baroness Savannah, Georgia, USA Yellow & Green Album 2012
Active Basalt Shrine Metro Manila, Philippines From Fiery Tongues Album 2022
Active Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree Stuttgart, Germany Harvestmen (live) Live 2022
Active BELLROPE Mannheim, Germany You Must Relax Album 2019
Active Below A Silent Sky Various Cities, Germany A View From Afar Album 2018
Active Berehynia Thessaloniki, Greece Nourishing Rites Album 2018
Active Bersærk Aarhus, Denmark SOL Album 2020
Active Bevar Sea Bengaluru, India The Timeless Zone Album 2022
Active BIG|BRAVE Montréal, Canada Vital Album 2021
Active Black Cobra San Francisco, California, USA Imperium Simulacra Album 2016
Active Black Sails For Red Seas Montréal, Canada Chasing Giants Album 2018
Defunct Black Sea Curitiba, Brazil MERCURIAL Album 2016
Active Black Sheep Wall Los Angeles, California, USA Songs for the Enamel Queen Album 2021
Active Blindead Gdynia, Poland Niewiosna Album 2019
Active Blodørn Kharkiv, Ukraine Blodørn EP 2016
Active Bones of Minerva Madrid, Spain Privilege (Unearthed Sessions) Single 2019
Active Bongripper Chicago, Illinois, USA Terminal Album 2018