Artists playing Neoclassical

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active A.A. Williams London, England (UK) arco Album 2021
Active Abby Gundersen Seattle, Washington, USA Light in Between EP 2017
Active Adam Weikert Various Cities, England (UK) Lantern EP 2019
Active Adrian Lane Various Cities, England (UK) Lekko Sketches Album 2020
Active Aesthesys Moscow, Russia Alignments Album 2020
Active Agnes Obel Berlin, Germany Myopia Album 2020
Active Akira Kosemura Tokyo, Japan Romance EP 2019
Active Alarmist Dublin, Ireland Sequesterer Album 2019
Active Alaskan Tapes Toronto, Canada For Us Alone Album 2021
Active Alexander Kyd London, England (UK) Rays that Heal EP 2020
Active Alex S.Tsigkourakos Athens, Greece Ambivalence Album 2020
Active amble Melbourne, Australia Spring Creek Road Album 2020
Active A Model Kit Moscow, Russia Invention of Love Album 2014
Active Andrew Liles Various Cities, England (UK) IT'S ONLY PAIN Album 2021
Active Anesthesia Denver, Colorado, USA An Infinite Winter, Vol. III: Neptune Album 2016
Active Anoice Tokyo, Japan The Hidden Forest Album 2021
Active Anonymes Hawarden, Wales (UK) In A Café At The End Of The World EP 2019
Active Antarctic Wastelands Amsterdam, Netherlands Frozen Voyage EP 2019
Active Aquilus Melbourne, Australia Arbor EP 2013
Active Arash Azadi Yerevan, Armenia Geosonic Journeys Album 2017
Active A Spot on the Hill Columbia, South Carolina, USA Translations: Reimagining the music of A Spot on the Hill Album 2021
Active a stick and a stone Various Cities, Oregon, USA versatile Album 2021
Defunct Aural Method Houston, Texas, USA Let us face the evening skies with child​-​like eyes Single 2013
Active AVAWAVES London, England (UK) Chrysalis Album 2021
Active A Winged Victory for the Sullen Brussels, Belgium Invisible Cities Album 2021
Active Ayan Das Bengaluru, India Early Stories EP 2017
Active Aythis Various Cities, France The Illusion and The Twin Album 2016
Active Ayver Lima, Peru Healing Album 2020
Active Balmorhea Austin, Texas, USA THE WIND Album 2021
Unknown Battlestations Brussels, Belgium Vixit Album 2017
Active Bear, The Storyteller Cordoba, Spain Deidades Album 2020
Defunct Beast, Please Be Still Seattle, Washington, USA Beast, Please Be Still Album 2007
Active Ben Chatwin Queensferry, Scotland (UK) The Hum Album 2020
Active BENJA Tel Aviv, Israel Fin A Album 2022
Active Bersarin Quartett Münster, Germany methoden und maschinen Album 2019
Active Bird Traps Various Cities, Australia Vadhana Single 2020
Active Black Malachite Montrose, Colorado, USA As We Roam Amongst The Stars Album 2019
Active Blah Kesto Dallas, Texas, USA Pedaling In The Sauerkraut Album 2019
Active Blair Coron Glasgow, Scotland (UK) On The Nature Of Things Album 2019
Active body double Various Cities, New York, USA Chapter Eleven Album 2020
Active BOLT RUIN Various Cities, Belgium Obriultn EP 2020
Active Break My Fucking Sky Various Cities, Russia BLIND Album 2020
Active Brendon John Warner Newtown, Australia la fonte Album 2018
Active BRUIT ≤ Toulouse, France The Machine is burning and now everyone knows it could happen again Album 2021
Active Bruno Bavota Naples, Italy Get Lost Album 2019
Active Bruno Sanfilippo Barcelona, Spain Pianette Album 2019
Active Cahill Costello Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Offworld Album 2021
Active Caught In The Wake Forever Paisley, Scotland (UK) Version & Delineation EP 2018
Active CEEYS Potsdam, Germany Musikhaus Album 2021
Active Chaostar Athens, Greece The Undivided Light Album 2018