Artists playing IDM

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active Ah! Kosmos Berlin, Germany Beautiful Swamp Album 2018
Defunct Ahura Mazda Warszawa, Poland Brain Washer Single 2012
Active airport or telephone Greeneville, Tennessee, USA Prepare to Be No One Album 2019
Active Almeeva Paris, France Unset EP 2017
Defunct As The Stars Fall Paris, France Redux Album 2011
Active Ben Chatwin Queensferry, Scotland (UK) The Hum Album 2020
Active Billy Ghost Chicago, Illinois, USA The Haunted Purple Bathtub Album 2020
Unknown Broken Thoughts Kunming, China Realign Album 2017
Active Christian Löffler Graal Müritz, Germany Lys Album 2020
Unknown Constant Waves Various Cities, England (UK) Constant Waves Album 2014
Active Downy Various Cities, Japan
Active Dualist Inquiry Delhi, India Life Forms EP 2019
Active Gas of Latvia Riga, Latvia Nutcracker Album 2019
Active Gui Boratto Sao Paulo, Brazil Pentagram Album 2018
Active Hanetration London, England (UK) Ancients EP 2017
Active HATY HATY Various Cities, Netherlands High As The Sun Album 2016
Active H A : Z E Riga, Latvia passage Album 2018
Active Hector Osbert Various Cities, Egypt Steps Album 2018
Active Her Stems Spiral Cape Town, South Africa Sobbed The Swaying Spirit, "May I Have This Last Dance​?​" Single 2018
Active HOME Chicago, Illinois, USA Resting State Album 2017
Active Hybridation Alessandria, Italy Hybridation Dubstep EP 2017
Active IG88 Seattle, Washington, USA Holding In My Arms Album 2019
Active ISMS Riga, Latvia
Active Isophene Melbourne, Australia Echo Point Album 2020
Active just big hills Arnhem, Netherlands When You Forgive EP 2018
Active Kane Ikin Melbourne, Australia Modern Pressure Album 2016
Active Korablove Moscow, Russia Gobets EP 2018
Active low.poly.exception Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA F​:​/​/​CTORY RESET Album 2019
Active Luo Brighton, England (UK) Convoluted Mess Machine Album 2021
Defunct maiou Tokyo, Japan All Around Us Album 2008
Active MERRYMURK Bangkok, Thailand New year​,​Old memories Single 2015
Active Neuro... No Neuro Tucson, Arizona, USA Let's Be Happy! Album 2020
Active Razland Cairo, Egypt Steps EP 2018
Active Running in Slow Motion Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Stasis EP 2019
Active Ruxpin Tallinn, Estonia Mokhov Remixes EP 2018
Active Saltillo Chicago, Illinois, USA Ascension EP 2017
Active Scriptures Seattle, Washington, USA Incantations Album 2016
Active Shadebather Phoenix, Arizona, USA Umbra EP 2020
Active Six Days End Tehran, Iran In Between Two Nothings Album 2020
Active Slow Wave Sleep Various Cities, Italy Natura Morta Album 2020
Active spectral gates Sydney, Australia holocene Album 2020
Active Stonefromthesky Kiev, Ukraine Schema Theory Album 2019
Active Sunda Arc Norwich, England (UK) Tides Album 2020
Active Tan Frío el Verano Buenos Aires, Argentina Portal Single 2018
Active The American Dollar New York City, New York, USA Right This Way Album 2021
Active The Young Gods Fribourg, Switzerland DATA MIRAGE TANGRAM Album 2019
Active Threefiftysixam Tirana, Albania Eleven Album 2019
Unknown Through The Eyes of An Inventor North Ogden, Utah, USA Ode, Radio Single 2017
Active Tor Vancouver, Canada Oasis Sky Album 2021
Active Trifonic Los Angeles, California, USA Emergence (Special Edition) Album 2018