Artists playing Art Rock

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active A Quiet End Toronto, Canada Fragments II: Demos, Sketches, & Rejects Album 2017
Active Asa's Mezzanine Various Cities, Italy When She Met Herself Album 2022
Active AtonalitA Tabriz, Iran Collaboration of Souls Album 2023
Active Black Leather Birds Chicago, Illinois, USA The Color of Memory Album 2021
Active black midi London, England (UK) Cavalcade Album 2021
Active bulgahr Salta, Argentina Fractal Machines EP 2020
Active Cosmic Rhythms Mumbai, India S/T EP 2021
Active Cranes & Mirrors Chicago, Illinois, USA The Lighthouse Keeper Album 2021
Active Dreams in Stereo Ithaca, New York, USA Passive Ambition EP 2021
Active Driveagalaxy Toronto, Canada Morning Light Album 2021
Active Dust Moth Seattle, Washington, USA Rising // Sailing Album 2021
Active Echoes From Jupiter Various Cities, Canada Le Grand Tour Album 2022
Active Esmerine Montréal, Canada Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More Album 2022
Active Eudaimonia Erlangen, Germany rausch EP 2021
Active Excellent Enemies Toledo, Ohio, USA Interlocks Album 2022
Active Face the Day Prague, Czech Republic Echoes of the Child's Mind Album 2022
Active False Horizon Tehran, Iran Nowhere Near Album 2022
Active Firelights Various Cities, Norway Quiet Above, Roaring Below EP 2021
Active GAOTH Wexford, Ireland The Obsidian Dialogue Album 2021
Active Giant Sky Oslo, Norway S/T Album 2021
Active GLEN Berlin, Germany PULL! Album 2021
Active Guilt & The Bear Mississauga, Canada The City Album 2022
Active Home Brewed Universe Hyderabad, India Triah Album 2022
Active Hypha Placerville, California, USA Syzygy Album 2022
Active isolate Dresden, Germany Topology EP 2021
Active IS/WAS Boston, Massachusetts, USA FACETS Album 2020
Active Jet Plane Bryansk, Russia Зелёный Ветер (Split) Split 2019
Active Kamyki Glogow, Poland Sleepy Cities Album 2021
Active Kraken Various Cities, Belgium Celestial Object Album 2021
Active Kyttore Various Cities, Mexico Inner Black Hole Single 2021
Active Labasheeda Amsterdam, Netherlands Status Seeking Album 2020
Active LEVT Various Cities, Norway Lifande Album 2021
Active Low Duluth, Minnesota, USA HEY WHAT Album 2021
Active mathilda Bern, Switzerland Kadmeia Single 2020
Active Mesa Chicago, Illinois, USA Collapse Album 2021
Active moody alien Thessaloniki, Greece EVIL Album 2020
Active Odd Circus Orlando, Florida, USA Mantha Album 2021
Active Old Nobody Wuppertal, Germany To Those Behind The Horizon Album 2021
Active Omsk Skopje, North Macedonia Омск Album 2020
Active Papir Copenhagen, Denmark 7 Album 2022
Active Pauwels Various Cities, France Toli Album 2021
Active Peak Ring Montreal, Canada Proximity EP 2021
Active PERSHAGEN Various Cities, Sweden Hilma Album 2022
Active Retrospective Leszno, Poland Retrospekcje Album 2020
Active Searchlights Appleton, Wisconsin, USA Thousand Mile Shadows Album 2022
Active Slow Wave Sleep Various Cities, Italy Natura Morta Album 2020
Active Soundscapism Inc. Berlin , Germany Afterglow of Ashes Album 2021
Active Spiral Cell Denver, Colorado, USA S/T EP 2017
Active Tangled Thoughts of Leaving Perth, Australia Dread Sessions - Volume 1 Album 2020
Active TATION(天聲) Xining, China Blind (The Sensation Quintet II) Album 2021