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Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active With Hidden Noise Toronto, Canada Beside the Sea Album 2019
Active Within Progress Thessaloniki, Greece Need More Single 2019
Active Witte Wieven Various Cities, Netherlands Vlucht Album 2018
Active Witxes Various Cities, France Orients Album 2018
Active WMD Seattle, Washington, USA Young Angry Love Album 2019
Active Wohl Guadalajara, Mexico Cíbolo Album 2020
Active Wolfhand Burlington, Vermont, USA The Devil Arrives Album 2020
Active Wolfredt Tallinn, Estonia Tides Album 2020
Active Wolfy Mendes Uberlândia, Brazil Existence Album 2021
Unknown Wolsik Tampere, Finland Subliminal Dance Single 2017
Active WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM Olympia, Washington, USA Primordial Arcana Album 2021
Unknown Women & Angels New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA Tiny Notes EP 2016
Active Woods of Desolation Various Cities, Australia As The Stars Album 2014
Unknown Woodsplitter Nashville, Tennessee, USA Egyptian Overload Album 2017
Active woodworkings Baltimore, Maryland, USA two windows EP 2020
Active WOORMS Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA Twitching, as Prey Album 2020
Active Working For A Nuclear Free City Manchester, England (UK) What Do People Do All Day? Album 2016
Defunct World's end girlfiriend Tokyo, Japan 空気人形 / Air Doll (soundtrack) Single 2016
Active World Times Three St. Louis, Missouri, USA Marmo EP 2020
Active World Void Web Bengaluru, India Think Void Album 2019
Active worriedaboutsatan Bradford, England (UK) The Vault Album 2020
Active Worros Various Cities, Brazil Solace of The Broken - SPLIT Album 2016
Active Wot Gorilla? Halifax, Scotland (UK) Angel Numbers Album 2017
Active Wounds of Recollection Atlanta, Georgia, USA Nowhere Else Feels More Like Home Album 2020
Active WOWS Verona, Italy Ver Sacrum Album 2020
Active Wozniak Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Bruises Album 2021
Active WraithWalker Atlanta, Georgia, USA Hellscape 2X19 Album 2019
Active Wreck and Reference Los Angeles, California, USA Absolute Still Life Album 2019
Active Wrekmeister Harmonies Chicago, Illinois, USA We Love To Look At The Carnage Album 2020
Active Wren London, England (UK) Thrall Single 2018
Active WÜK Ghent, Belgium WÜK Album 2019
Active WuW Paris, France Rétablir L'Eternité Album 2020
Active Wyinstonn Toulouse, France Bridges EP 2017
Active Xander Naylor New York City, New York, USA Pursuit Single 2019
Active Xiu Xiu Los Angeles, California, USA OH NO Album 2021
Active X SUNS Seattle, Washington, USA Cataclysm Single 2018
Active Xylantha Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Pectin Single 2019
Active Yaatra Buenos Aires, Argentina Agonía de la Tierra Album 2021
Active Yaca Santiago, Chile I Album 2017
Active Yadayn London, England (UK) Elders Album 2020
Active Yajirobe Santiago, Chile Antonimia Single 2018
Active Yakhchal Brussels, Belgium Asterism EP 2019
Active Yardsss Portland, Oregon, USA ∅∀‡ | Cultus Album 2020
Active Yashira Jacksonville, Florida, USA Fail To Be Album 2020
Active Yasuyuki Uesugi Various Cities, Japan Torture Album 2020
Active Yatin Srivastava Project Delhi, India Breathe (feat. Trisalien & Aritra Basu) Single 2020
Unknown YEAR Los Angeles, California, USA Live Live 2015
Active YEAR OF NO LIGHT Bordeaux, France Consolamentum Album 2021
Active yellow6 Leicester, England (UK) The Beautiful Season Has Past Album 2019
Active Yellow Eyes New York City, New York, USA Rare Field Ceiling Album 2019