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Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Unknown A Distant City Dunedin, New Zealand Alpaca Suitcase Album 2012
Defunct Administration Shock Him Würzburg, Germany Zabriskie Album 2013
Unknown A Dog Called Ego Hamburg, Germany NULL AND VOID Album 2022
Active Adolf Plays The Jazz Athens, Greece Low Life | We Can't Lose. We Have Already Lost. Album 2022
Active adolina Mouscron, Belgium Dreikanter Album 2017
Unknown Adormort Providence, Rhode Island, USA To Live and to Die Album 2019
Unknown Adorn Kidderminster, England (UK) Twisted Truth Single 2012
Active A Dot In The Sky Kolkata, India Breath Single 2020
Active Adrian Lane Various Cities, England (UK) Lekko Sketches Album 2020
Active Adrift For Days Sydney, Australia A Sleepless Grey Album 2017
Unknown Advaita Buenos Aires, Argentina Sun of Earth Single 2015
Active AEIR London, England (UK) Vol. I: A FRITH BEFOULED Album 2022
Active AENNEA Castellón, Spain Fase IV EP 2019
Active Aeo Nik Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Okto Single 2019
Active Aerials Brisbane, Australia Drawing Blood Single 2018
Active Æris Saint Petersburg, Russia Astra Album 2017
Active Aerosol Jesus Brighton, England (UK) SURVIVE EP 2021
Active Aesthesys Moscow, Russia Alignments Album 2020
Active A Farewell To Words Riga, Latvia AFTW Album 2022
Active Afformance Athens, Greece Music For Imaginary Film #1 Album 2017
Active A Film in Color Various Cities, New Jersey, USA They March in Endless Circles Album 2018
Defunct A Five And Dime Austin, Texas, USA Sketchbook Vol. 1 Album 2005
Active A Fool's Errand s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands Gravitas Album 2019
Unknown A Forest of Stars Various Cities, England (UK) Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes Album 2018
Active A Formal Horse Southampton, England (UK) Meat Mallet Album 2021
Active Afriqve Kalmar, Sweden Afriqve Album 2019
Active After Daylight Nottingham, England (UK) Requiem For The Dying World Album 2020
Active Afterglow San Juan, Puerto Rico Demo 2021 EP 2021
Active After-Math Västerås, Sweden Temporal & Knowable Album 2021
Active After Nations Kansas City, Missouri, USA The Endless Mountain Album 2022
Active afternoon say Bandung, Indonesia Far EP 1970
Unknown After Osmosis Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA What Do You See When You Dream? Album 2016
Defunct Agalloch Portland, Oregon, USA Faustian Echoes Single 2016
Active Agarikon Various Cities, Canada Dalvindur EP 2020
Active AGENT(S) Greensboro, North Carolina, USA Slate Tapes EP 2020
Active A Ghost in Rags Freiburg, Germany Akarano Album 2022
Active Agnes Obel Berlin, Germany Myopia Album 2020
Active AGNES VEIN Thessaloniki, Greece AGNES VEIN​-​SADHUS 7" split EP 2016
Active Agonal Various Cities, New Jersey, USA Soul Loss EP 2021
Active A Good Man Goes To War Turin, Italy The sounds of a large crowd Album 2020
Active agrammeofsoma Brisbane, Australia diaspora Album 2017
Active A Great Big Pile of Leaves New York City, New York, USA You're Always On My Mind Album 2013
Active Agrypnie Various Cities, Germany Grenzgænger Album 2018
Active AGVIRRE Manchester, England (UK) Eye of Mirrors Split 2021
Active Agyzerax Warszawa, Poland RXCX Album 2019
Active A Headless Horse Leeds, England (UK) Belong / The Moon Into Blood EP 2019
Defunct ah, good rainbow! Various Cities, Russia 29 EP 2014
Active a hidden trace Wuhan, China kamogawa EP 2018
Active Ahkmed Melbourne, Australia The Inland Sea Album 2016
Active Ah! Kosmos Berlin, Germany Beautiful Swamp Album 2018