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Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active Ahleuchatistas Asheville, North Carolina, USA Arrebato Album 2015
Active A Horrible Death to a Horrible Man Copenhagen, Denmark First Light EP 2019
Active a hundred years Stuttgart, Germany it feels like EP 2019
Defunct Ahura Mazda Warszawa, Poland Brain Washer Single 2012
Active Aikira Tortoreto, Italy Light Cut Album 2018
Active Ai Margini Della Città Apulia, Italy Looking Through, Looking For EP 2019
Active Aiming For Enrike Oslo, Norway Steam Yoga City EP 2021
Active Ainez Bordeaux, France Third Time's The Charm Single 2020
Active Ainsoph Amsterdam, Netherlands Ω - V Album 2020
Active Airbag Oslo, Norway A Day at the Beach Album 2020
Active Airiel Chicago, Illinois, USA Bloom Album 2020
Active airport or telephone Greeneville, Tennessee, USA Prepare to Be No One Album 2019
Active Airships on the Water Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA An Arm Within Reach Single 2021
Active Airwaves Ystad, Sweden String of Pearls Single 2020
Active Aisumasen Gothenburg, Sweden The Greater Good EP 2017
Defunct Aiua New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Aiua Album 2011
Active A I U R E Various Cities, Brazil Salta​-​Fogo EP 2019
Active A Journey of Giraffes Baltimore, Maryland, USA Armenia Album 2020
Active Akaitsuki Los Angeles, California, USA Akaitsuki Album 2015
Active Akira Kosemura Tokyo, Japan Romance EP 2019
Active Akira Rabelais Chicago, Illinois, USA cxvi Album 2019
Active Akli Kaunas, Lithuania TAIKA Album 2020
Defunct Aksi dan Reaksi Jakarta, Indonesia Demo EP 2010
Active Akula Columbus, Ohio, USA Akula Album 2018
Active Akusma Ulyanovsk, Russia Land of the red suns EP 2017
Active Alaic Vitória Da Conquista, Brazil The Harvest Album 2018
Active A Lake of Ayes Manchester, England (UK) Ouro Sobre Azul Album 2021
Defunct Alarma Man Gothenburg, Sweden Alarma Man Album 2005
Active Alarmist Dublin, Ireland Sequesterer Album 2019
Active Alaskan Ottawa, Canada E N D EP 2016
Active Alaskan Tapes Toronto, Canada For Us Alone Album 2021
Active A LAST PICTURE FROM VOYAGER Avignon, France 40​.​5AU Album 2022
Active Albatrosses Over Munich Bamberg, Germany When Everything Is Said And Done EP 2020
Active Alber Jupiter Rennes, France We Are Just Floating In Space Album 2019
Active albinobeach Johannesburg, South Africa The Ladder Album 2020
Active ALCATUNE Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK) Vislumbres Single 2020
Active Alce Various Cities, Spain Onís Single 2017
Active Alcest Paris, France Spiritual Instinct Album 2019
Active Alcove Bernards, New Jersey, USA As We Know It Album 2019
Active ALCÔVE Paris, France Alcôve 03 Album 2020
Active Alder Calgary, Canada Sun Worshipper Album 2016
Defunct Alderaan Graz, Austria Infinite Paths Album 2017
Active Alder Tree Various Cities, Spain Earthrise Album 2018
Active ALEA(s) Brussels, Belgium oI EP 2020
Active Aless Málaga, Spain The Bad Seal EP 2020
Active Alexander Kyd London, England (UK) Rays that Heal EP 2020
Active Alexandra Spence Sydney, Australia A Necessary Softness Album 2021
Active Alex Henry Foster Montréal, Canada Snowflakes in July EP 2020
Active Alex Sevigny Kelowna, Canada Outlandish Album 2019
Active Alex's Hand Berlin, Germany Hungarian Spa Album 2019