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Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active Altostratus Various Cities, England (UK) Complete the Connection Album 2020
Active Altrucent Schwemlingen, Germany Adrift Album 2020
Active Aluches Mexico City, Mexico Híkuri EP 2020
Active AMALA Tokyo, Japan Fragile Single 2020
Active Amalgamamma Quito, Ecuador UNO Album 2017
Active A Martyr's Oath Beaumont, Texas, USA As we Turn to Sand Single 2021
Active Amateur Takes Control Singapore, Singapore ATC EP2 EP 2017
Active Amatorski Ghent, Belgium Welcome Single 2017
Active AMBASSADOR Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA Care Vale Album 2020
Active Amber Xi'An, China Boundary of Time Album 2021
Unknown AMBER Marburg, Germany Amber​/​Locktender Split Split 2014
Active Ambersmoke Hemet, California, USA Etheric Fauna and Pristine Antiquity Album 2019
Active Ambient Jazz Ensemble London, England (UK) Aura Album 2020
Active amble Melbourne, Australia Spring Creek Road Album 2020
Active Amenra Kortrijk, Belgium De Doorn Album 2021
Defunct Amesoeurs Paris, France Ruines Humaines EP 2016
Active A.M. feelgood Austin, Texas, USA Albatross Album 2019
Active Am Fost La Munte Și Mi-a Plăcut Bucharest, Romania Live at Dunk! Live 2019
Active Ami Dang Baltimore, Maryland, USA Kurr (10th Anniversary) Album 2020
Active Amiensus Rochester, Minnesota, USA Abreaction Album 2020
Active Amiina Reykjavík, Iceland Pharology Album 2021
Active Amman/Josh Various Cities, Various States, USA Places Album 2018
Active Ammonites Copenhagen, Denmark I see letters in the sky Album 2021
Active AMnesiac安尼西亞 Chengdu, China AM Album 2019
Active Amniac Piraeus, Greece Matriarch Album 2017
Active Amnion Melbourne, Australia Maelstrom Album 2018
Active A Model Kit Moscow, Russia Invention of Love Album 2014
Active Among The Ants Voronezh, Russia THE CAT LADY Single 2019
Active AMON HEN Gothenburg, Sweden C R Y Y O U R S E L F T O A S H Album 2018
Active Amon Tobin Los Angeles, California, USA Ghostcards EP 2020
Active A Moon Superior Various Cities, Germany Ever Since A New Beginning Album 2020
Active A Mote of Dust Sheffield, England (UK) A Mote Of Dust - Live at Mono Album 2020
Active Amour Vache Düsseldorf, Germany AMOUR VACHE Album 2021
Active AMOUTH Arezzo, Italy AWAKEN Album 2014
Active Amphetamin Rheims, France A Forest of Rainbows Album 2018
Active Amplifier Manchester, England (UK) Live At Luxor Album 2018
Active Amp Rive Reggio Emilia, Italy Irma Vep Album 2012
Active A Mutual Question Pune, India CONNECT Album 2020
Active Ána Växjö, Sweden
Active anadelta Athens, Greece Supposing We Haven't Reached A Deadend Album 2015
Active analecta South Bend, Indiana, USA Voices From Another World (For Tesla, Lost In Colorado) EP 2016
Active An Anderson Portland, Maine, USA Rude Unraveling Album 2020
Active Ana Never Various Cities, Serbia Long Turning Album 2016
Active Anapparatus Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Retrospective Album 2019
Active Anarch Dayton, Ohio, USA Talsa EP 2021
Active Anatheme Nancy, France Tropique EP 2020
Unknown Anatomy of the Bear Various Cities, England (UK) Alysu Album 2018
Active An Autumn For Crippled Children Various Cities, Netherlands As The Morning Dawns We Close Our Eyes Album 2021
Active Ancestors Los Angeles, California, USA Suspended in Reflections Album 2018
Active Ancient Altar Los Angeles, California, USA Cosmic Purge​/​Foie Gras EP 2019