Artists from Arizona, USA

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 30 Fathom Grave Phoenix, Arizona, USA Aurora Album 2017
Active A Cloud for Climbing Phoenix, Arizona, USA Tight Eye Tie Dye Album 2014
Active Boxhead Ensemble Phoenix, Arizona, USA La Hora Magica Album 2015
Active Buffalo Various Cities, Arizona, USA Buffalo Album 2020
Active Collapse of Dawn Various Cities, Arizona, USA ​.​.​of Dreams & Nightmares Album 2021
Active Forming Stories Glendale, Arizona, USA The Quilted Single 2019
Active ~ghost island~ Phoenix, Arizona, USA New Light​/​The Stars in Your Eyes EP 2018
Active HOLY FAWN Phoenix, Arizona, USA The Black Moon EP 2020
Active Kardashev Tempe, Arizona, USA The Baring of Shadows EP 2020
Active Koya Various Cities, Arizona, USA Drift Album 2021
Active Light Dweller Tampe, Arizona, USA Hominal Album 2020
Active Lumastora Phoenix, Arizona, USA Eight Twenty Five Album 2018
Active Moon Eat Stars Phoenix, Arizona, USA Exile Album 2016
Active Neglect Tucson, Arizona, USA Day Of Purification III EP 2017
Active Neuro... No Neuro Tucson, Arizona, USA Let's Be Happy! Album 2020
Unknown NIL Phoenix, Arizona, USA EP EP 2017
Active NORTH Tucson, Arizona, USA Light The Way Album 2016
Active Nullingroots Phoenix, Arizona, USA Malady's Black Maw Album 2019
Active Scale & Feather Tucson, Arizona, USA Arizona Album 2022
Active Shadebather Phoenix, Arizona, USA Umbra EP 2020
Active Sorxe Phoenix, Arizona, USA The Ark Burner Album 2019
Active SOWNBONES Phoenix, Arizona, USA Grin Single 2016
Active Steve Roach Tucson, Arizona, USA Trance Archeology Album 2019
Active still motions Phoenix, Arizona, USA Mirrors Album 2020
Active Three Candles Tucson, Arizona, USA Three Candles (part one) Album 2020
Active Tsone Phoenix, Arizona, USA live: spring 2019 Album 2019
Unknown Underground Cities Phoenix, Arizona, USA Arcosanti Album 2012