Artists from Florida, USA

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Defunct Antarctic St Augustine, Florida, USA Antarctic Album 2009
Active Asleep Within Waves Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA Fragments Album 2020
Active As Seas Exhale Orlando, Florida, USA Light Source Album 2021
Active Autumn's Grey Solace St Augustine, Florida, USA Eocene Album 2018
Active Bleeth Miami, Florida, USA Harbinger Album 2021
Active Ckelling Tampa, Florida, USA Thanks I Hate It Album 2019
Active Deformed Instincts Deland, Florida, USA The Lines In Our Hands Album 2021
Defunct Echo Me, Astronaut West Palm Beach, Florida, USA Hate the Shore Album 2013
Active Euro-Asia Miami, Florida, USA Save Myself​(​rough mix) Single 2019
Unknown Fire Spoken By The Buffalo Lakeland, Florida, USA Air Your Grievance EP 2012
Active Gillian Carter Orlando, Florida, USA .​.​.​This Earth Shaped Tomb Album 2018
Active glassgirl Davie, Florida, USA Demo EP 2017
Active Great Counselor Various Cities, Florida, USA I'm Almost Home EP 2021
Active Gullwing Tampa, Florida, USA Gullwing Album 2017
Active Infinite Third St. Petersburg, Florida, USA IMPRINTS Album 2019
Active Intergalactic Tea Company Naples, Florida, USA Follow the Shaman's Cat Album 2018
Active Just Neighbors Gainesville, Florida, USA If It Ever Comes Back Album 2020
Unknown Look Mexico Tallahassee, Florida, USA Real Americans Spear It Album 2011
Unknown Moguera West Palm Beach, Florida, USA Pilgrimage Album 2016
Active Oceans Rise Tampa, Florida, USA Heliotropics EP 2019
Active Odd Circus Orlando, Florida, USA Mantha Album 2021
Active Pipe Dreamer Dunedin, Florida, USA No Solace For The Soulless Album 2021
Active Rosewilder Jacksonville, Florida, USA The Light That Bends EP 2020
Active SAINT SPEAK Clearwater, Florida, USA Dream Loop 2 Single 2020
Active set and setting St. Petersburg, Florida, USA Tabula Rasa Album 2018
Active The Earth is Ours Jacksonville, Florida, USA Remedies Single 2019
Unknown The Music Box Tampa, Florida, USA Youthful Endeavors EP 2016
Active Tides of Man Clearwater, Florida, USA New Futures (Remix) feat. Sofia Sweet Single 2019
Active Torche Miami, Florida, USA Restarter Album 2015
Active Yashira Jacksonville, Florida, USA Fail To Be Album 2020
Active YNICORNS Pensacola, Florida, USA we miss you, stay safe // &&& Album 2021
Defunct You Can't Explain Logic Orlando, Florida, USA No More Waiting EP 2011