Artists from Ohio, USA

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active Akula Columbus, Ohio, USA Akula Album 2018
Active Anarch Dayton, Ohio, USA Talsa EP 2021
Active Arrowounds Columbus, Ohio, USA The Loneliness of the Deep Sea Diver Album 2020
Active Blind Spring Cleveland, Ohio, USA One Album 2020
Unknown Brainbow Columbus, Ohio, USA Brainbow II Album 2013
Active Brave Arrows Wadsworth, Ohio, USA The Plagues EP 2021
Active Brujas del Sol Columbus, Ohio, USA II Album 2018
Active CHRISTMAS Cleveland, Ohio, USA Christmas Album 2019
Active Cloudkicker Columbus, Ohio, USA Solitude Album 2020
Unknown Dum Spiro Spero Cleveland, Ohio, USA The Skies Proclaim the Work of His Hands Album 2014
Active Echoes of Giants Columbia, Ohio, USA The Way to Us Album 2018
Active Elijah Bisbee Cleveland, Ohio, USA Dear George Album 2019
Active Excellent Enemies Toledo, Ohio, USA Interlocks Album 2022
Active Frayle Cleveland, Ohio, USA Skin & Sorrow Album 2022
Active Fritz Pape Cincinnati, Ohio, USA No One Has Reached the Ocean Album 2019
Active If These Trees Could Talk Akron, Ohio, USA The Bones of a Dying World Album 2016
Active Johnnytwentythree Cincinnati, Ohio, USA The Bridge Album 2017
Active La vérité Various Cities, Ohio, USA Album 2020
Active Lectoblix Dayton, Ohio, USA Pilgrimage Album 2021
Active Lo, The Loyal Conscripts Cincinnati, Ohio, USA In the Shell of the Old EP 2019
Active Melankolia Lancaster, Ohio, USA MECHUDZU (The Machina of Life and the Spectre of Death) Album 2019
Active MOIRA Cincinnati, Ohio, USA Demons + Daisies EP 2019
Active Mouth of the Architect Dayton, Ohio, USA The Ties That Blind (2018 Remix & Remaster) Album 2018
Active Nomads Cleveland, Ohio, USA When Those Around Us Leave Album 2015
Unknown Now That We Are Older Cincinnati, Ohio, USA Beneath the Bridge, Under a Frozen Sky Album 2012
Active OSI AND THE JUPITER Kent, Ohio, USA Stave Album 2021
Active poemme Cleveland, Ohio, USA Frozen Passages Album 2019
Active Pwderfarm Columbus, Ohio, USA Instruments of Power to Alter the Status Quo Album 2019
Defunct Romance of Young Tigers Dayton, Ohio, USA Live Album 2010
Active Seeress Cleveland, Ohio, USA The Dream Passes Album 2019
Active Sparrowmilk Cleveland, Ohio, USA Articles of Separation Album 2017
Active Steven Kemner (Hotel Neon) Dayton, Ohio, USA The Paper We Burned Single 2019
Active Steven K. Smith Kent, Ohio, USA calling all constellations Album 2020
Active Taiga Cleveland, Ohio, USA The Meson Field Album 2020
Active The End of the Ocean Columbus, Ohio, USA -aire Album 2019
Active The Ghost of Owen Wilson Cincinnati, Ohio, USA ONE EP 2020
Active The National Park Service Lakewood, Ohio, USA End of Season Album 2020
Defunct The Six Parts Seven Kent, Ohio, USA Casually Smashed To Pieces Album 2007
Active The You Suck Flying Circus Columbus, Ohio, USA A Brief Outing Album 2020
Defunct To Be A High Powered Executive Cleveland, Ohio, USA We Don't Want It Safe, We Want It Secret Album 2007
Active Todd Tobias Various Cities, Ohio, USA Amialluma Album 2018
Active You Are a Soul Various Cities, Ohio, USA Epoch Single 2021
Active Zeroth Ones Columbus, Ohio, USA Beneath the Feeders Album 2020